I’m ‘waiting for Godot.’ Are you?

Samuel Beckett’s famous play has been… playing on my mind Ages and ages ago,* I submitted a fellowship application. It was by far the most complex application I have ever made, and the total number of pages surpassed 30. “Gosh!” I hear you exclaim. “This must have been for a major fellowship scheme. Three years,Continue reading “I’m ‘waiting for Godot.’ Are you?”

Gene drive for conservation. What’s natural?

Gene drive researchers are noticing how their work intersects with societal assumptions about nature and ‘natural-ness.’ Gene drive is an umbrella term for a suite of gene editing techniques and processes enabled by the CRISPR-Cas9 revolution. Scientists have long known that sometimes, ‘selfish’ genes can override the typical Mendelian laws of genetic inheritance. Until CRISPR-Cas9,Continue reading “Gene drive for conservation. What’s natural?”