Guess who’s back?

Well, Bonnie Charlie is gone for sure, but you lucky folks get ME! [after yet another unplanned hiatus – sorry] Part of the reason for that hiatus has been The Summer and The Aftermath of The Summer. In short, I went to a really cool conference, reconnected with a group of amazing scholars, and gotContinue reading “Guess who’s back?”

Vestigial Superstitions? Thoughts on the rejection of religion in modern thought

I am currently in the process of preparing a paper for submission to a religious studies journal. The preparatory reading has, inevitably, resulted in THOUGHTS, and I have decided to bless you all with a little treatise rant on why modern scholarship has erred in its general rejection of religion and theology. Firstly, a clarificationContinue reading “Vestigial Superstitions? Thoughts on the rejection of religion in modern thought”

Put up or shut up

Current calls for ‘interdisciplinarity’ are frequently little more than lip-service. The Arts are worth more than that. I recently had a funding application rejected. I was upset for a few days, but I’ve moved on. There’s no point in stressing about the past. BUT. There’s one thing I really, really need to say. The feedbackContinue reading “Put up or shut up”