How to PhD: Guest Post by Nathan Bossoh

When I finished my undergraduate degree in music performance back in 2014 I was sure that I was done with University. Three years living and studying in Guildford (UK) was great and all but the thought of being a “student” again was quite horrifying. I was now a fully-fledged adult, free from the shackles ofContinue reading “How to PhD: Guest Post by Nathan Bossoh”

Vestigial Superstitions? Thoughts on the rejection of religion in modern thought

I am currently in the process of preparing a paper for submission to a religious studies journal. The preparatory reading has, inevitably, resulted in THOUGHTS, and I have decided to bless you all with a little treatise rant on why modern scholarship has erred in its general rejection of religion and theology. Firstly, a clarificationContinue reading “Vestigial Superstitions? Thoughts on the rejection of religion in modern thought”

Where is my home?

Guest blog! Thoughts on finding ‘home’ as an immigrant to the UK from Sangeetha Mani. When Caroline asked me to write something for her, I thought to myself, I am not ready! Not because I do not have a voice that needs to be heard but because I have never written it down without theContinue reading “Where is my home?”