Evangelism vs. Environmentalism: paper review & discussion

Johnson, A. L., & Franklin, R. G. (2022). The Influence of Evangelical Religiosity on Environmentalism. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 009164712211220. https://doi.org/10.1177/00916471221122039 This paper came up on my Google Scholar recommendations – obviously some Silicon Valley bot is keeping tabs on my interests… Nevertheless! This was an interesting read. As a scholar whose focus isContinue reading “Evangelism vs. Environmentalism: paper review & discussion”

Vestigial Superstitions? Thoughts on the rejection of religion in modern thought

I am currently in the process of preparing a paper for submission to a religious studies journal. The preparatory reading has, inevitably, resulted in THOUGHTS, and I have decided to bless you all with a little treatise rant on why modern scholarship has erred in its general rejection of religion and theology. Firstly, a clarificationContinue reading “Vestigial Superstitions? Thoughts on the rejection of religion in modern thought”

The genius of genuflection: considering embodied memory/belief

“Ah! Sainsbury’s! We stand on hallowed ground! We have to genuflect!” Thus spake the father, and both father and daughter knelt accordingly. This actually happened. I was quite young, less than ten years old. I remember giggling, and being both simultaneously embarrassed (because who genuflects to the fruit stand at the entrance of the supermarket,Continue reading “The genius of genuflection: considering embodied memory/belief”